Become Rich and Stay Rich

Cyber Incident had an interesting article of value to any business titled: “The Only 5 Ways You Can Become Rich.”  One of those five points inspired me to think in terms of how how to become rich and stay rich.

As an entrepreneur becomes rich, staying rich can be an increasing challenge.  Cyber threats are all risks to to the business and wealth the entrepreneur has created and the greater the wealth, the larger the risk becomes.

Reading point # 2: “Knowing Your Day Rate,” can seamlessly be expanded into “knowing your risk.”  The first step in any cyber security program is a risk assessment and that assessment begins with knowing and identifying the assets.  In other words, each entrepreneur should always be able to answer the question:  “What am I trying to protect?”

Knowing our assets, and the value of those assets, is a prerequisite to then identifying the relevant threats to and making the right business case for investments needed to protect those assets.

Unfortunately, the security industry is full of either sales types or technical types.  Either will be more than willing to sell you a solution to the latest cybersecurity problem yet not fully understand your business and whether or not the solution is one relevant to your problem.

Building a successful business takes hard work.  Protect those assets after becoming rich and stay rich by making the right investments to protect your assets, and not investing in solutions without first doing the risk analysis.  Don’t just become rich, stay rich.


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