Data Privacy Trends

I read a small blurb in PC Today on a flight this last week and they were referencing a GfK study from March 20104 which surveyed 1000 US customers.

    • 88% were concerned with data privacy
    • 59% were more concerned than they were a year ago
    • Yet, only 48% were doing anything about it

Also noted was that 70% said they trust hospitals and only 39% trusted social networks.   So there are two extremes of perception, depending on the venue.

There was no mention of age or other demographics, which would be interesting to know as there appears to be a wide difference of views on privacy between generations.

As almost everything in life becomes digitized in the Internet of Things, we are bound to give up some elements of privacy.  However, there are areas (such as healthcare), where privacy will remain an expectation and steps should be taken to protect it.

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