Generation No Privacy

As Generation X and Millennials now make up a large portion of the workforce, their attitudes towards privacy  have substantial impact on organization security.

On a recent, short flight to Washington, DC, I was reading the US Airways magazine in the seat pocket and ran across some interesting statistics.  The article was quoting a survey conducted by Fortinet, and offered the following insights:

  • 60% of respondents do not use different passwords for different online accounts
  • 43% do not put a PIN or access code on their smart phones.
  • 59% do not expect privacy on social networks
  • 41% never change their passwords, and only do so when prompted
  • 50% would willingly share their email address with online marketers
  • 33% are willing to share their home address with advertisers

These statistics really cause me to wonder about the world we live in and the future of individual privacy, something that some of us still value.  As these generations become the executives of companies with whom we do business, how will their views impact their view towards customer privacy?


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