Virtual Security Coaching

Any business with customers, employees, financial information, assets or intellectual property is at risk.  Instead of wondering “if” your business will become a victim of cyber crime, think in terms of when it will happen, because it will, and have a plan to detect and respond before criminals cause your business substantial harm or put you out of business.

When speaking with business people, many tell me that “it won’t happen to me” when discussing cybersecurity.  Unless it has already happened, can’t really blame them sine the industry frequently operates on fear and it is hard to take the hype seriously.  Will you or your business become a victim of cybercrime?  maybe you will and maybe you won’t; we don’t need to agree on an answer.  Instead, perhaps the answer to the following two questions would be more helpful:

  1. How would you know if you were a victim of cybercrime?
  2. What would you do if it did happen to you?

I can help you to answer those questions, and also teach you how simple, free and inexpensive actions can drastically improve your risk exposure.  Protecting your business does not need to be prohibitively expensive. Instead, we focus on the fundamental behaviors which can protect against nearly 80% of today’s cyber threats  allowing you to invest your security resources on the remaining 20% which behaviors alone cannot defend.

Why not schedule a free session today?  During our session, we will identify the cyber risks to your business and create a crystal clear plan so that you know exactly what you need to do to protect your business from cyber crime.  You will come away from our session with the knowledge that you can confidently detect cybercrime affecting your business and take decisive action to minimize the impact of the crime.